The Hydro Nations Leadership Series 2018 is a mentoring and leadership development programme taking place over the course of a year. The Series is for emerging and existing leaders from across and beyond the water sector regardless of experience levels and backgound. 

This is the opportunity to work with other top thought leaders across the spectrum of experience, from new entrants through to senior representatives.

Applications are welcome from all. 

A selection process aimed at achieving the best balance of participants will take place at the end of January 2018. 

The first event takes place on Monday 26th of February in Edinburgh. The second event will be linked to the Institute of Water National Conference between the 20th -22nd of June 2018 in Glasgow. The dates and location for the third and fourth days will be confirmed but expected to be in September 2018 and January 2019. 

To be accepted for the Hydro Nations Leadership Series 2018 you are expected to be a member of the Institute of Water before the first event.

Associate membership is £100 per annum - making this series the equivalent of £25 per day plus access to all other Institute of Water activities. 
To find out more about membership go to:
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